Trying to ride with the Bike Team

Well, I have purchased a new road bike! I have never owned a nice road bike, so I was excited to ride. I picked up the Cervélo R3 Team. Bottom line, it is awesome!

To test out any new road bike, you should plan to go ride with the local bike team. They are what we call “Roadies.” In the Woodlands, we have some pretty good roadies. On Sunday’s the Woodland’s Cycling club has an all comers ride for about 1:45 (27 – 30 miles). It has a lot of slow, and a lot of fast stuff on key parts of the course. You quickly get to see what kind of watts you can generate on some of the faster sections as the bike team starts to push the pace. I managed to get with he lead pack of the bike team on Dobbin Huffsmith and hang until the end. I hope to pick up some more fitness and get back to pulling the packs soon.

Stay Klean,

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