Klean becomes official supplement of the Major League Baseball Players Association!

Who would have thought,  in less than two years since launch,  Klean would be recognized and utilized by professional, Olympic, college and some super fast amateur athletes all through the USA.

Athletes have told us that they came to appreciate the brands focus on the holistic health of the athlete and most importantly the safety of the products thanks to the NSF Certified for Sport testing done on every bottle of Klean manufactured.

The highlight of this partnership came when we were invited by the MLBPA as their guest to attend the MLB All Star game!  What a time that was.  From amazing media interviews to VIP parties with players,  we definitely lived the life for a weekend.

None of this would have happened without an awesome team behind the brand!  I am grateful to everyone for making the weekend a special one.

Here is a copy of just one of the interviews we did with the USA Today:




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